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Up Next: India's Film Producer Tagore Almeida - Talks New Film "The Forgiveness"

PRESSED: Tell us about your latest project.

TA: The forgiveness is my latest short film wherein the protagonist is challenged with various issues in his life. He discovers that the reason he is down in the dumps is because he has been carrying a lot of emotional baggage in his life and the only way to overcome this is to forgive and let go of the pain that people have caused him. Finally he needs to forgive himself for letting these people impact him in such a damaging way.

PRESSED: What do you look for in a script?

TA: There has to be a story to be told that will make us reconnect with ourselves. we need to overcome man made barriers, and takeaway from the film a good positive feeling OR a thought provoking one. That is what my script should be flowing with, of course cleverly written and hopefully entertaining too.

PRESSED: Where does an idea for a short film usually begin for you?

TA: From life itself, be it in the form of conversations with people, learning from different cultures or the urge to address a social issue.

PRESSED: How does a typical day (for you) begin when you are in full swing production?

TA: I have a full time job in the Information Technology domain. I work for a great organization (DHL) based out of Singapore. So non-filming days is all about technology. Besides this I dedicate myself full-time to being subjected to my wife's reminders of things that I still haven't done around the house and my nine year old daughter's discussion on life, hip-hop and complete and helpless surrender to her charm.

PRESSED: What would you change in a film you produced that you believe would make it better?

TA: That is a good question. Nothing one ever does is good enough I guess as we always find things we could have done better. With A GOD OF SINNERS, I wish I had instilled a little more emotional pain between the four characters, and in AN ENCOUNTER IN THE WILDERNESS I wish I had made it darker and used the night even more an the antagonist of the film

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