New Music | R&B Singer Nesha DaVoice "Beautiful"

Updated: Jul 24

Nesha is a singer and songwriter with a focus on creating lush and melodic R&B music with pop influences. She has a powerful voice, and a beautiful way to express herself through music. Recently, she released a brand new song named "Beautiful," which is immediately impactful due to its unique melodies and Nesha's unbelievable vocal style! This song has a lot of musicality to it, and it stays true to its title! More importantly, Nesha's performance on this track is nothing short of remarkable. 

She is pouring her heart out and adding a lot of genuine passion to this track by way of her powerful lyrics. Nesha's vocal style is dynamic and vibrant, bringing so much focus to each line. It's not only about her singing ability but also about calibrating each verse with some fantastic lyrics. From the appeal of great pop music to the melodic component of R&B, anything goes! 

Find out more about Nesha, and do not miss out on "Beautiful," which is currently available on Soundcloud, where you can stream the song in full.  Beautiful will be available for downloads on all major stores 5/31/20.

 Experience Nesha single “Beautiful” below:


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