Interview | NC Hip Hop Artist Maurice Lydell Talks Jay-Z Recreation, New Project, Hip Hop

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Rising Hip-Hop star Maurice Lydell, he is an Fredericksburg, VA native, North Carolina based rapper that is working continuously to make his mark in the music industry. Most recently, this aspiring artist released his latest project “Camry Flow 2”, which is now available for purchase on Spotify, Itunes, Tidal and Google Play. Maurice is set to release his new project "The Cover Letter" on Christmas Day. He is also preparing for his second upcoming tour in 2020. We caught up with Maurice to talk about his new project, Jay-Z recreation, hip hop and more.

PRESSED: What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

ML: I’ve always just been a big fan of music. My parents always had music playing around me and introduced it to me early. I guess it was already written for me.

PRESSED: You released your debut EP Camry Flow ll earlier this year. Can you give us a little breakdown of how you approached making the EP.?

ML: I just wanted to tell my story. Camry Flows is everything I’m about, and everything that made me who I am. Just wanted to make music people could relate to.

PRESSED: Today’s commercial Hip Hop for some feels it has gone far from its roots of the culture. There is something about your sound that holds the golden era vibe. Is this something that you are trying to recreate through your music?

ML: Definitely! My next project is definitely friendlier, but there is still a splash of real hip-hop.

PRESSED: What do you tend to represent and communicate in your music?

ML: That I’m human… And togetherness is key to us succeeding as a people.

PRESSED: Tell us about your upcoming project, ‘The Cover Letter”. What would you like listeners to get from this body of work?

ML: Growth! The Cover Letter is the first thing an employer sees. So it’s almost a metaphor to me finally getting an industry interview.

PRESSED: Your album cover is a recreation of Jay-Z’s classic album “American Gangester”. What inspired the concept idea?

ML: Jay-Z is a legend and a billionaire. I want the same things. Also, just paying homage.

PRESSED: You have made a significant mark in the underground scene for your open mic performances and mini tours. Has this opened up more doors for you?

ML: Yes definitely… Growth is a great thing. Just hard work and dedication, that’s really it.

PRESSED: Lastly, what can we expect from Maurice Lydell in the future?

ML: Carolina High School Promo Tour starting in January.

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