Interview: Celebrity DJ "DJ Skillz" Talks Music Producing, Dababy, DJ Life.

It would appear in this age of digital music and every thing being technology driven that an entire generation has forgotten the importance of a true DJ; but none of this deters DJ SKILLZ on his path of becoming The Great American DJ.

Born Braxton Brown, in Florence, South Carolina, DJ SKILLZ stormed the North and South Carolina club scene where he gained his notoriety and massive fan base as a high profiled crowd mover. After dropping out of college in early 2000 to further his career in the music industry, DJ SKILLZ went on to make video appearances with Mr. Cheeks of The Lost Boyz in the “Light’s, Camera, Action” video, collaborated with Kanye West on his College Drop-Out Mix-Tape, as well as being the featured DJ on some of the biggest Hip-Hop and R&B Tours across the world.

We caught up with DJ Skillz on Industry Conversation 101 to talk about the DJ life, Dababy, Roca A Fella, producing music and more.

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