Interview | Hip Hop Artist Art Dealer Talks New "I'M NOT ROSS" Album, Barely Ordinary

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Art Dealer, is an unsigned Hip Hop artist, Songwriter, and Graphic Designer residing in Charlotte, NC, but originally a native of Augusta, GA. Art Dealer, is no newbie to this game, he has been fine tuning his skills ever since, he was a young teenager. Art Dealer has been consistently dropping projects these past couple of years, creating a strong buzz on the internet and throughout his hometown Augusta, Georgia.

Most recently, this aspiring artist released his latest project I’m Not Ross”, which is now available for purchase on Spotify, Itunes, Tidal and Google Play.

Pressed had the opportunity to speak with Art Dealer on his New Project, Barely Ordinary, Five Elements of Hip Hop and more.

PRESSED: It’s been four years since we did our first interview with you. You were located in Augusta and now you in the Queen City (Charlotte). How has the change been for you musically since your move to Charlotte?  

ART: It's been great, it's a larger outlet so the playing field is more diverse. The community here has been welcoming and I see potential for a lot of growth.

PRESSED: You just dropped a new album "I’m Not Ross", How are you feeling about the release?

ART: I feel great, it honestly was only suppose to be a mixtape, but I've been working with DJ Dibase (@dibaseatl) and he advised me to release it commercially, so I removed the freestyles and released it in an album form. The response has been surprising because I had another album in the works. Naturally it's become an album on its own.

PRESSED: Take me through a typical studio session, is there a certain method when you’re crafting your sound? What’s your method for writing rhymes? They come to you, or you need a beat first?

ART: So the idea starts with a couple of lines and from there I go find the production for it. Most likely I'll reach out to Bizzo (@bizzobeats) to cook something for it or Derelle (@derellerideout) to see if he has something as well. Then I write my verses to the beat. I like to create early in the morning, before I get my day started. My thoughts are fresh and energized then. 

PRESSED: Why do you think rappers don’t focus on their lyrics as much anymore? What do you think of the current state of lyricism in the rap scene?

ART: Honestly! most artists today aren't doing it for the craft or the culture. They're doing it for money and fame so it's a lot of copying what others do. So that's why we see a lack of lyricism or originality. The internet allows artists like myself to build a career with my creativity and style of music.

PRESSED" What album influenced you the most in your lifetime?

ART: Outkast 'ATLiens'. They showed me that you can be yourself.

PRESSED: Talk about Barely Ordinary, I see you always sporting the gear. Is this a new clothing line you've launched?

ART: LOL... No it's not mine. A friend of mine from Augusta started it and I'm just a fan of it. He's a great supporter of mine and came up with the idea of creating a song to represent it. But no I'm just a supporter.

PRESSED: What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

ART: Develop a strong independent career. Pave a lane for artists who aren't doing the typical trending music.

PRESSED: In your opinion, what is the most important element to you out of the 5 elements of Hip-Hop and why?

ART: The MC and The words set the climate and hold a lot of power.

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