Hamilton Park Releases New "To Sleep" Visual

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

"The R&B group, Hamilton Park, is back with a visual that tells what actually happens when women go into a bathroom at a party; they’re going to strategize among each other on how to shoot their shot. Who knew? Directed by Daryus Hawkins and executive produced by Joy Young,  the “To Sleep” video sees Hamilton Park at a classic Atlanta house party where the sexes intermingle over drinks, good music, and the occasional eye contact that leads to much, much more!

Song producer Deandre Hunter and writers Hunter, Markus Free, and Ty Morrow left no room for error when it came to producing this timely hit. With its catchy, upbeat production and harmonious vocals, mixed with a relatable visual, there’s no ceiling to what new music comes to follow.

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