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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

PRESSED: Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. I won’t hold you up I know you have a lot to do. So what brings you to South Carolina?

SHEEK: Everything man, the radio, the people, the women, the stations, the love man, I love down here, I mean we got love out here, I got love out here you know what I’m sayin’. I’m here to promote my new album, November 8th, After Taxes.

PRESSED: Yeah, I just heard the new single you got out with Carl Thomas.

SHEEK: Yeah, yeah, that’s called “One Name” f/ my boy Carl Thomas, produced by Rockwilder, it’s crazy man; I did that joint for the ladies man.

PRESSED: I’m feeling that one right there.

SHEEK: It’s smooth too, you know what I’m sayin’, it aint too mushy…

PRESSED: But that’s a lil bit out of your realm.

SHEEK: Definitely, definitely, cause you know we do the street thing well, you know we’re number one on every mix tape still, masters of ghetto street anthems, you know we do what we do. But I felt it was time for growth, to show that I could do something different, and I did it well. Just finished the video it was hot, sent it to BET and MTV so you should be seeing it soon. They’re playing it on a lot of stations, its dope man. I had a great team.

PRESSED: So tell me about the remix, “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.”

SHEEK: See, that’s me, that’s what I do, that’s something different, I did that for my goons out there. The remix features JadaKiss, Fab, and my boy Beanie Siegel.

PRESSED: So how did you all put that callabo together?

SHEEK: Fab and Clue were always in our studio, we always kick it together. I mean we hang out with a lot of these dudes on the regular besides just for events. They come through and just to see what we’re working on, or just to chill and watch the game in the studio. Fab is my boy, and Beans, I mean Kiss and Styles went out there and met with dude as soon as he got out of jail. As a matter of fact we’re on the “In the Air” remix, yeah, me, Kiss and Styles is on that. I think he’s holding it for a soundtrack or something, but yeah we on that, and we were like its hot and we didn’t want any money or nothing like that.

PRESSED: Yeah, okay…

SHEEK: And he (Beans) kept his word, I mean as soon as he got out, it was straight to the booth, and it was the first rhyme written when he got out, I mean he showed much love, much love.

PRESSED: So what can we expect from this new album, I mean how is it different from the last?

SHEEK: Man, the last album was hot it was dope, you know, and it was definitely a time when people was like, “let me see what he got, you know, I aint sure yet, let me see what he’s saying.” I brought it lyrically; I was just letting you know what I was doing, what I was going through. And I really wasn’t trying to do a solo project until the people started asking for it.

PRESSED: Exactly

SHEEK: This new one, it’s straight. Production is amazing, I got Rockwilder, Vinny Idol he’s an in house producer for D-Block, Devine, Co-Co Shanell she’s a D.J. out of New York that’s amazing, Red Spider, DJ Twinz, Alchemist, my boy Havoc from Mobb Deep, Buckwild, um I know I forgot somebody…I got Ghostface, Redman, Carl Thomas, Kiss, Styles, J-Hood, yeah man it’s fire.

PRESSED: Sounds like a classic in the making…

SHEEK: And everyone that I said was on there brought it in their own way. Even production, like Alchemist and Havoc, I try to pick joints that don’t sound like a Havoc joint, that don’t sound like a Alchemist joint. I was like dog I need you to take me somewhere else on this. The one that me and Alchemist did, I put Ghostface on it, ‘cause I wanted it to be something different, let’s bug out on it, and that joint is called, “Movie Niggas.” So I took it to that level man. I got a joint called “Pain” on my album, with me and Jada. I got a joint called “Pressure” done by Co-Co Shanell, where I give you scenarios about why blacks are in jail and how situations are as I see it. Not so much like slavery or nothing like that or years of oppression, just straight up about certain situations. I mean the album is well rounded.

PRESSED: Okay, so what’s coming up in the next year for D-Block?

SHEEK: A lot of things, I mean it’s going to be a D-Block year, a D-Block movement. I mean my album comes out on November 8th, “After Taxes”, its fire. Styles P coming in late December, January the D-Block compilation called “No Security,” after that we got J-Hood’s, “Tales from the Hood,” after that we got the Lox album that’s going to be amazing.

PRESSED: Now I just heard the joint, “Kill Yourself…”

SHEEK: Oh yeah, that’s mashing on 50, gonna keep mashing too, got to,

PRESSED: ...and one of the line you said was, “I aint go platinum, I’m not even major, but I bet none of them boyz …” Unison: “wanna put up a wager.”

SHEEK: They aint gonna put that money up, I mean if you so strong then put the money up on yourself, and let’s do it at the Garden and let the people judge it, you know what I mean?

PRESSED: Now being that you all, meaning D-Block, Lox, all of you, you are the truest and most real lyricist out there right now. Just keeping it real…

SHEEK: No doubt, thank you.

PRESSED: Do you feel that because you all are not so commercial that you don’t get the respect you deserve?

SHEEK: Of course, it we were to go in another direction, of course we would sell a lot more records. But I truly think we’ll loose a lot more fans, especially at this stage in our career. If we came out that way, and kept it that way and went straight nelly from the jump it would be something else. Like even when we first came out and was doing the mix tape circuit, if we would have switched that up, we would have lost so many fans dawg. It’s like we underground, then we go major, I mean you know what you copping when you buy a Sheek album or Lox album point blank.

PRESSED: I heard you all did the “I Declare War” show with Jay-Z.

SHEEK: Now that was big, big, I aint gonna lie, that was big for me. That was big for all of us. We brought Diddy out and did “Benjamins.” It was insane, cause niggas think we beefing, they think we riffing, but some people know the real deal that we cool. A lot of people that we meet on the road that ask about that, all those questions are old in New York, but you know they wanna know, but we are cool. It was hot when we brought Diddy out, J’ brought Nas out. It was like United Nations for Hip Hop.

PRESSED: Now J’ said something to the fact that everybody needs to put this beef shit to the side, it’s becoming wack, we need to get this money, do you think that the industry is the one that is pushing beef to sell records?

SHEEK: Yeah, but you love it too though. Everybody loves it. You wanna hear who punched who in the face or whatever. It sells. C’mon Wendy Williams, Starr and Buckwild they have a job for a reason, they really wanna hear that. You know what I mean?

PRESSED: But do you think that will lead to the demise of Hip Hop or do you think that its healthy and helps it?

SHEEK: It’s kind of healthy man, as long as nobody gets killed. As long as no guns go off, it’s healthy in that aspect. You know in the situation with Pac and Big though, that wasn’t too cool. It’s good for us right now.

PRESSED: So besides music, what else do you have going on right now?

SHEEK: I’m trying to write a book right now man. Hip Hop 101. I’m trying to get in the movies. I tried out for a lot of roles and I aint got one of them yet. It’s a little different trying to be an actor. I take my hat off to all the actors out there man. Trying to get this clothing thing done. Sky’s the limit. This whole year is going to start off with the product that we pushing now and then every quarter we going to dropping something new, every quarter mark my words.

PRESSED: So, every day we have new artists trying to get into the game, what advice would you give to those who are trying to make a career out of this?

SHEEK: Keep your circle tight. There is always somebody trying to get in your circle and loosen it. You might can’t see them but they in there or trying to get in or may have been there for ever, but keep it tight. Study the business man, and stay on your lawyers. Keep your pen moving because there are always some lil homie dudes out there working, writing every second trying to take over your spot man.

PRESSED: What is the most important lesson that you have learned thus far in your career?

SHEEK: For me, I was cooling out for a while, you know I learned not to lay back so much and to step up and say I’m here. You know what I mean dawg, I’m right here, this is me. I aint gonna fall back, you know what I saying? I’m hot and dope in the streets right now and now I’m playing catch up to my partners. So that is definitely something I would have changed.

PRESSED: Well I know you have a show to do, so I won’t hold you up.

SHEEK: No problem man, that was love baby hold it down.

PRESSED: No doubt, good luck baby.

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