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South Central Singer & Songwriter Nekiya Ade

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

South Central, Los Angeles native Nekiya Ade is a singer/songwriter whose artistry is wide and diverse. Nekiya Ade has been penning songs and performing throughout the years opening up for artist such as, Mya, Eric Bellinger and many others. She released her new single "Who She" back in 2018, and it has been doing well on Spotify with over 60,000 streams. The song was a way for Nekiya to use to express female empowerment as well as, a way to empower her tribe which is what she calls her fan base.

One of her greatest influences in music was Christina Aguilera. She also earned respect and compliments from Chaka Khan and a plethora of other artists and producers in the business.

PRESSED: Emerging from South Central, Los Angeles, how important is your hometown to you?

NEKYIA: I feel it’s so important to show young people in my community that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

PRESSED: Who or what inspired you to chase the dream?

Nekiya: I was inspired by a lot of incredible female artists. I grew up listening to so many different styles of music. I remember picturing myself singing in front of people.

PRESSED: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to making music?

NEKIYA: That would be Christina Aguilera. I will never forget how her songs made me feel. Beautiful and the voice within gave me the confidence I needed to really believe in myself.

PRESSED: Is there anything about your creative process that separates you from other upcoming artists?

NEKYIA: I don’t think my process is that different. However, when it comes to writing my own music I do enjoy solitude. Being alone with my own ideas and creating does work for me, but I also enjoy working with writers too.

PRESSED: What do you want people to get from your music?

NEKYIA: I want people to feel liberated especially people who listen to different styles of music. My sound is very versatile and my style ranges from pop, hip hop, afro caribbean and soul.

PRESSED: Tell us about your current single “Who She”.

NEKYIA: "Who She" is a character that I created who is stylish and raps. (Laughs) I wanted to release a hip hop song with some old school hip hop elements. I wanted it to be something that people can sing along to. This one is definitely dedicated to all the boss bitches!

PRESSED: If you can work with one artist in the industry. Who would that be and why?

NEKYIA: There are so many artists I would love to write for and collaborate with. But if I had to pick one person it would be Bruno Mars.

PRESSED: What's next for Nekiya Ade?

NEKYIA: The sky’s the limit!

Follow her on Instagram/Nekyiaade

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