Durham's R&B Singer Trez Falsetto Talks "Just Because" Album

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Trez Falsetto is among one of the Carolina's newest R&B acts that is making a lot of noise in the Carolina's.

Born and raised in Durham, NC, Falsetto has been consistently grinding these past couple of years, creating a strong buzz on the internet and throughout the Carolina's. Best known for his popular #FalsettoFridays, Falsetto became a hit with the ladies when 30-second videos were being sent in of beautiful women from all over the Carolina's singing along to his newest release entitled "Blow".

Most recently, the 5 Star Empire artist released his new project "Just Because". The album consists of 12 tracks including hit single “Blow,” which features Epic Records recording artist Swift. Since its release, Blow has been added to rotation on several radio stations throughout North and South Carolina.

This Durham native is definitely making a name for himself throughout the Carolina's and soon the world.

PRESSED: You currently reside in Durham, a city not necessarily known nationally for R&B. What's the local R&B scene like there and what part do you play in that scene?

TREZ: The local R&B scene is growing, we have a lot of dope artist in the area that are pushing the culture forward. R&B showcases, seminars, conferences are available to us, we just have to take advantage.

PRESSED: Take me back to when you first fell in love with music.

TREZ: I grew up in the church and when I was young my mom put me in the youth choir. I was probably 6 or 7 years old, I knew then singing was my passion. I also played drums and trumpet growing up, I was always around music. I also received the 2017 Carolina Music Award for R&B artist of the year, which I am one of the few Durham artist selected for this award. This award is recognized across North Carolina and South Carolina.

PRESSED: You just dropped two songs — “Used To” and “Blow.” What inspired those records?

TREZ: All of my records are inspired by either past experiences or people close to me who have dealt with certain situations. “Blow” was more of a feel good record and I knew the Mario Winans song would be dope to bring back.

PRESSED: Tell us about your project "Just Because" and where did the idea for a covers mixtape come from?

TREZ: I always wanted to do a tape with a lot of covers or bring back old records. I’m a huge fan of music and I literally listen to all types. Those records are classics, I just wanted to put my own spin to them.

PRESSED: Would you say the 2001 movie “Blow” had any influence on the concept for your single cover?

TREZ: Definitely! I seen the movie a few times, but the cover stood out to me. My manager was the one who brought the idea to life. I just had to perfect the photo shoot.

PRESSED: Now overall, Carolina has some great artist like Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, Sunshine Anderson, Calvin Richardson, Jodeci just to name a few. Has growing up in North Carolina had any influence on your style and the type of music you make?

TREZ: Honestly it has... Growing up my parents listened to those artist in the house. North Carolina, is a soulful state and we have a lot of soul music, as you can see from that list of dope artist. If I had to choose which artist I was influenced by the most, I would have to say Anthony Hamilton. This was a great era of music, so I wanted to give the listeners that feeling again.

PRESSED: A lot of the new male R&B artists today are coming out with a more street sound. What’s your perspective on R&B music of today?

TREZ: It’s different, very different. Things change and as an artist you have to be able to understand trends and that music is revolutionary. All I can say is, as an artist you have to be able to change with the time.

PRESSED: You performed on a 15-city HBCU tour back in 2017, alongside some great artists like Cardi B, Tank, 2 Chainz, and 21 Savage. What was that experience like?

TREZ: Amazing experience! I really was able to see them up close and personal. Seeing them work and how professional they are was very humbling. The HBCU Tour made me a better artist for sure.

PRESSED: Who are some major, new, artists or producers you would like to work with in the future?

TREZ: I would love to work with a lot of people actually. To name a few I would say Tank, Chris Brown, Rico Love, Eric Bellinger, Usher, and Bruno Mars.

PRESSED: What do you want people to get from your music?

TREZ: I want people to be able to catch a vibe and just live in the moment. Music is the one thing that can change your whole mood within seconds. I want people to fall back in love with music. But! most importantly with R&B.

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