Hamiltones - MCBYL Feat. Ricco Barrino

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

The Hamiltones have stepped out of the background and into the foreground with their new single, “Money Can’t Buy You Love- MCBYL” featuring Ricco Barrino. The soulful R&B sound from the North Carolina trio is a breath of fresh air for the naysayers who think that R&B and R&B groups are a thing of the past.

The ballad, which features fellow NC native Ricco Barrino, gives insight to the old adage about money and love. From the introduction of the bumping drums, tambourines and piano, coupled with the melodic voices, you are instantly drawn in and so lost in the music that you almost forget what the song is about.

Yet, you catch yourself singing the chorus after it ends. If this song is a taste of what’s to come from this trio, the money they make may not buy them love, but it will get them some prospects.

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