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Rapper International Nova Talks Kings X2, Billboard Charts

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Rapper International Nova, the Bronx native has been consistently making hits these past couple of years, creating a strong buzz on the internet and throughout the UK. Most recently, this aspiring artist released his latest single “Wine For Me”, which is a collaboration with Grammy Nominated Billboard Songwriter/Producer James Worthy. The single has hit #10 on the Hot Singles Chart on Billboard.

Pressed had the opportunity to speak with International Nova on his new transition from solo artist to a duo, new music, hitting the billboard charts, growing up in the Bronx and more.

PRESSED: Before I began this interview talking about your solo career. Let's chop it up about your new venture, teaming up with Songwriter/Producer James Worthy to form “Kings X2”. Tell us how this all came about?

INTLNOVA: Kings X2 was built off the solo sessions from my new project. James had produced a couple of records for me. Beyond the music side, he and I are really good friends, so we would always hang out at my house and he kept pushing to record more and more. I was in the studio one day working on this “Player 2017 “ record. I had an idea for a hook and I needed someone to reference it . James did the reference for me, not knowing he can sing, when he came out the booth, I'm like what the hell? This is supposed to be a reference for someone else, but nah screw that, I am keeping you on this record. He thought I was joking and I'm like nah dude, I’m serious! (Laughs), right after that King's X2 was formed.

PRESSED: Does this mean you're putting your solo career on the back burner?

INTLNOVA: It's kind of funny actually. When I first moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago, James was the first person I met, along with Bone Crusher and Dave Tolliver. Although, I was meeting and working with some very well known artists, upon my initial move mentally I didn’t want to deal with music and took some time off. Slowly I started getting the itch back, filmed for Love and Hip Hop, the 2Pac biopic and slowly I just started recording again.

PRESSED: Talk about "Wine For Me". What inspired you guys to write this song?

INTLNOVA: Well anyone who knows me and how I deal with my music, I am very anal about quality. I don’t like to just put out anything. Wine for me , I initially wrote and recorded the record a year ago, and in the midst of us searching for beats on my computer. I mistakenly played the record for James and tried to skip over it , he stopped me and was like nah play that again. I played it about two more times after that, he looked at me and said that’s our next single. This is a smash! It took him a while to convince me, because I just didn’t think it was the one. Initially, a friend of mine named Roc and I sang all the parts, while I also rapped all the verses .. So with James getting on it, he sprinkled in his flavor and we tweaked the mix till we thought it was right and the rest is history. Billboard history!

PRESSED: What's the feeling like seeing the single hit #10 on the billboard Hot singles sales charts?

INTLNOVA: Man! it’s an amazing feeling... I been lucky to accomplish a lot of things in my career thus far, both in the U.S. and internationally, but this is definitely my proudest moment. It took a lot of hard work and working the record by James and I, but really it’s the supporters who got us here and we love them for that.

PRESSED: What makes the group stand out in today’s Hip Hop industry?

INTLNOVA: I think what is missing today in music not just hip hop, it's quality. A lot of artists are just throwing out wack records and it's watering down music in all genres. What we are doing we are combining many different genres and sounds, but above all that, we are aiming for hits and quality. And we have that...

PRESSED: Now to the basics... Emerging from the Bronx, NY describe the artist, International Nova.

INTLNOVA: Very humble... that seems to be the first thing everyone tells me when they meet me. “Wow you are so humble”. But aside from that, I am a kid from the Bronx with big dreams, who I like to think makes amazing music, but is also aiming to make a difference in world.

PRESSED: Who’s your biggest influence when it comes to making music?

INTLNOVA: 2Pac.. he's the reason why I fell in love with hip hop. Musically 2Pac, and The Outlawz, (who I was lucky enough to work with certain members and became friends with ). As well as, being from the Bronx , Terror Squad, and being Latin, I definitely take inspiration from them.

PRESSED: Is there anything about your creative process that separates you from another upcoming artist?

INTLNOVA: I am a studio rat... Many don’t know I do all my own music from co - producing, writing, mixing, mastering, shooting my own visuals and everything in between. I have my own studio... Everything and anything you heard from me in the last few years came from my studio .

PRESSED: What do you want people to get from your music?

INTLNOVA: Honestly, I just want people to enjoy themselves while listening to my music. There is too much craziness going on in the world today, I hope to give people hope and inspiration, while also providing a break from the madness.

PRESSED: What's next for International Nova?

INTLNOVA: The world... (Laughs) James and I got casted for a new reality show called “Upcoming Atl”, which we already started filming for, as well as some other movie situations . This kings X2 album is insane and I am anxious for the world to hear it.

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