Inside The Harmonious Minds of The Hamiltones

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Unless you've been wrapped up in the world of alternative facts, by now we're sure you've heard the harmonious and soulful sounds of the Carolina crooners known as the Hamiltones. The melodic trio, consisting of Vito, Lelo and 2E, started singing background for Grammy Award Winner, Anthony Hamilton and first made a name for themselves when they put a gospel twist on Silento's hit, "Watch Me". Overnight they were a YouTube sensation.

Earlier this year they were seen on the nationally syndicated radio show "The Breakfast Club", putting their own touch to Charlemagne da God's intro to his segment Donkey of the Day. While on the show, the group had a little fun with the crew as they joked about putting some "Respek" on their name, in their own harmonious way. Pressed recently had an opportunity to catch up with the group while on tour with Hamilton, in Florence, S.C.

Check it out below.

PRESSED: Tell everybody how the Hamiltones come together?

TONY LELO: Our MD (music director) Kenny Leonard, he brought us all together and we started doing background singing for Anthony Hamilton and later working on our EP.

PRESSED: Who are the writers and producers of the group?

2E: We all write… we all produce, collectively. We are really like a one stop shop.

PRESSED: When can we expect new music from you guys?

J. VITO: We have been working real hard trying to get an album done. A lot of people have been asking! We had an opportunity to work with some great producers and make some great music.

PRESSED: What can the fans expect from your new project?

J.VITO: We were able to come together and create... I'm gonna say, very great music. We were very pleased with ourselves and with the way everything came out. You know, the excitement to actually present it to our fans.

PRESSED: What's next for you guys?

J.VITO: Look out for our new project coming soon and a lot of touring.

PRESSED: How can your fans hear more of the Hamiltones?

J.VITO: You can find us all the way across the board @HamiltonesNC

Their self-titled EP can be found on SoundCloud (and purchased at the live shows), features such songs as "Never Let You Go" and "You Got That Fire". Reminiscent of the soul era of R&B, this EP gives you a taste of the harmony and range these three bring to music.

And if the EP is too much of a tease, you can catch these gents live on tour with Anthony Hamilton, drawing you in with the sounds of the next big thing in Soul Music.

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