Interview | DJ Aaries Talks Hood Hard Hit Makers, B.O.B, Supa Peach

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

In an interview with DJ Aaries, he discusses the Hood Hard Hit Makers, his approach going into the studio as a DJ, breaking new artist, working with B.O.B's label and more.

Check out DJ Aaries’s interview below.

PRESSED: Walk me through the beat construct of “Life of the Party’.” That song is dope.

DJAARIES: I will walk you through the beat construct as soon as, Mc Donald's list all of the ingredients in their, “Special Sauce”.. (Laughs) But... I can tell you that I was definitely trying to appeal to a different audience and be on the look out for the remixes. They are more than just a beat change. (Laugh) If you like the original, you’ll definitely love the remixes.

PRESSED: Your career in Hip-Hop spans two decades; how did you initially get started as a DJ?

DJAARIES: Initially, I started by carrying crates for DJ Phingaz (out of South Carolina) for about 2-3 yrs, then I got my own turntables and mixer. Also, watching DJ Shakim gave me the motivation to be on BET, so I did that too… (Laughs) I definitely learned a lot from both of them and we are still cool to this day.

PRESSED: As the founder of the Hood Hard DJs, Hood Hard TV, Hood Hard Hit-makers, tell me about how you got started with that and how you progressed from your beginnings till now?

DJAARIES: How it all started was totally by accident. (Laughs) I was a part of the Atlanta DJ Crew, “The Legion of Doom”. Everyone from Trilleville to Jeezy worked with us. Once that was over, I had Hood Hard Mixtapes. I started doing events and DJ's I was cool with would come out. So many DJ's would come out, we eventually called ourselves, “Hood Hard Hit-Makers”. My mixtape logo turned into my DJ crew logo. The way we operate you are only, as strong as, your weakest link. We helped each other win and we still operate like that.. This is how we ended up on BET again in 2017, and working with artists like: Supa Peach, Nia Kay, Havi (B.O.B. Label No Genre) and more artists. We have grown to include producers, promoters, and artists with our vision to join the Hood Hard Hit Makers Team.

Hood Hard Hit Makers

Artist: Havi (B.O.B. Label No Genre)

PRESSED: Do you take a different approach going into the studio as a DJ?

DJAARIES: The approach I take every time I hit the studio is, I want to leave with a record that a DJ can play at 2 am. Most artists come to me for a record that DJ's can play. Once they tell me that, I contact my team and we get on it.

PRESSED: You have supported a lot of local and national talent across America. What impresses you about an up and coming artist? What do you admire the most?

DJAARIES: I just like artists with music that sounds different. If your music is different then, HIT ME UP ASAP!!! @DJAaries on all social media.

PRESSED: What was the vibe like in the studio working with Supa Peach?

DJAARIES: She was cool, definitely hard working. She definitely knew what she came to do and that was WORK! Most artist come to the studio to hang out. Sometimes, when they're in nice studios they just get caught up and waste a ton of time. That definitely, was not the case with Peach.

PRESSED: What’s the next record you’re looking to break?

DJAARIES: We don’t break records, we break artists! And there are a few on the stove, as we speak. I don’t like to talk.... You'll definitely hear them on the radio or see them on TV soon, if you haven’t already. You'll know as soon, as you hear their songs, just like you did when you heard Hands Up Get Low by Kstylis (Laughs)

PRESSED: What else should all the fans look out for as far as, DJ Aaries goes?

DJAARIES: Just look for a few people around me to jump off… We form like Voltron, I just happen to be the head…(Laughs)

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