2 Dope 4 Kidz Clothing - Atlanta Based Clothing Brand

Model: IG: @zoey.ashton

2Dope4Kidz is an Atlanta based clothing brand created for individual thinkers, who express themselves through fashion. Heavily influenced by the 90's urban culture, 2Dope4kidz offers dope 90's retro inspired shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, shades and more. 2Dope4Kidz doesn't just sell shirts & accessories we sell originality and memories for those who grew up in the 90's. The 90s for some was definitely too dope for kids (hence the name 2dope4kidz) in this generation to genuinely understand. Our goal is to re-introduce 90's fashion to the current generation as well as re-connect with the older generation.

"Elevating a mind, creating a generation" is a slogan that we adopted in May 2015, in a nutshell that is what our brand represents.

MAY 2016

2Dope4Kidz created the TOO DOPE TO BULLY campaign to raise awareness for bullying. We encourage individuals to take a stand against bullying, the best way to address it, is to stop it before it happens. Take the pledge and join the movement with every donation you will receive a free anti bullying tee.

Models: IG: @therealbakeleon IG: @alexish123

Model: IG @skeletins

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