UP NEXT: Volume 4 - "Human Nature"

Volume 4 (better known as V4) is an electric and edgy four piece American girl band who has quickly taken the Southern Region by surprise. The group’s originator,Timothy “KrazyFigz” Walls, formed the original girl group back in the Spring of 2014. Walls, whose production credits include artists such as Akon, Mindless Behavior, and Snootie Wild (“Yayo”), had a vision of using his unique sound to create an all-female group who has the potential of becoming a World Wide sensation The group transformed to a final lineup that include Brittanty "Janelle Gee" Garcia Tamia "Frenchiee" Corpening, Karissa "K Riss" Hayden and Diera “DK” Taylor.

Hailing from different parts of the east coast, this multi-talent bunch takes pride in their natural abilities as singers, dancers, and songwriters. They are known for their knack for remixing chart topping songs while also coming up with trendy originals.

With the fusion of TLC’s energy, En Vogue’s soul, and Destiny’s Child’s sass, Volume 4 describes their sound as R&B with an Urban|Pop influence. Their mission is to enlighten women everywhere by using life experience as a torch. “In a time where our generation is driven by reality TV, highlighting drama and the competitive flair in women, we dedicate our gifts toward being a catalyst of unity amongst the female gender.

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