[Single Review] NAS – ‘Angel Dust’

The legendary New York rapper Nas released a single “Angel Dust from the latest season of his popular Netflix program, “The Get Down.”

Angel Dust is Nas’ contribution to the Netflix’s original series “The Get Down”. The song warns his listeners about the dangers of using the deadly drug. Lyrically, Nas reminds us of a happier, more lyrical time of hip hop as he samples Gill Scott-Heron’s 1978 track of the same name. In 1:55, we are taken back with a 70’s beat that puts you in a haze of psychedelic euphoria as Nas spits, “Angels with dirty faces, angels with broken wings, the devil’s dust, PCP invading blood streams,” we are lost in the melodic voice in the background. We almost hate to that it’s so short, that our high is instantly blown, when the track suddenly ends. If hip hop is dead, Nas is resurrecting it with this track. There’s hope yet.

Listen to “Angel Dust” below.

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