[Album Review] Billy Blue ft. Lupe Fiasco OMW

OMW (On My Way), the first single from Miami’s Billy Blue, off his highly anticipated album, “Revelations” features hip hop lyricist Lupe Fiasco. At first the song puts you I the mind of a 2 Pac / Scarface ballad. However, Blue instantly puts his own identity on the track and you are instantly brought back to reality that yep, Pac is still gone and Scarface retired a long time ago.

With such a catchy beat, you would assume that even the quietest of mumble rappers could make this a hit, however, Blue fails in comparison to his counterpart and feature Lupe. His lyrics are elementary at best, with lines like, “World’s a feather, please don’t make me pluck a nigga” he shows that he is far from a lyricist. If not for Lupe, this song would be a Fiasco (pun intended). As a matter of fact, as a feature, Lupe has the longest and most memorable verse. You soon think it’s his song and that Blue is the feature. Hopefully this is not a sign of what his album will be. Says Lupe in the song, “bad luck around suckers like a charms wrapper.” Suckers beware, don’t be charmed by this “rapper”.

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