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The mid 90s was a great time to be a fan of R&B music. Especially during the year of 1993 when you had talented black musicians such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince and many others dominating the charts with chart topping hits. Today, it seems like the true state of R&B music and groups are diminishing and the thing of the past.

But, there's one R&B group who is still proving to their fans and the music world that R&B music is still alive. Legendary R&B group H - Town, they made their official debut in 1993 with their first album, Fever For Da Flavor, which included hits such as Knockin' Da Boots, and Lick U up . The group continued to drop hits after hits producing Emotions, Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Part Time Lover, Natural Women, They Like It Slow and more. The iconic R&B group has maintained a powerful presence in the R&B scene for nearly two decades.

In 2015, H - Town released their comeback single "Green Light" on Spectra Music Group first single off their upcoming album Child Support. They're currently touring across the world and still knockin' boots.

Pressed caught up with H- Town to discuss their new single, today's R&B music, and what's next.

Hello Gi of H Town, Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with Pressed.

I see you guys are doing a lot of touring these days... What has allowed you guys to sustain this long and still possess the passion that you have for music?

HTWN: The fans and our love for music. There are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. If we wasn't in love and passionate with what we do, we would have broken up a long time ago.

Your #1 hit single " Knocking Boots" a song off your album "Fever For Da Flavor " released back in 1993. Can you take us through the album. What was the process of putting it together like? And did you have any idea that song would take off the way it did?

HTWN: I don't know but everything just flowed and the chemistry we had from the beginning was epic. We knew our 1st song Knockin Da Boots would Impact the world, but not as large as it did. We wasn't expecting that at all, but we were expecting a hit.

H Town is two decades into there career. What do you think your legacy will be and what do you think your biggest contribution to R&B music has been?

HWTN: Every year our music renews itself to the next generation and we are thankful for that. I would say love and good music is our contribution,

Let's fall all the way back to the beginning... Tell us how it all begin for H - Town and how did you guys link up with Luke Campbell?.....

HWTN: We've always knew each other and grew up in same projects and schools. But we were connected when we went to the same audition trying to get a record deal in high school. From there we started going to studio writing and recording but nothing major came from the project. Then we met our producer Stick, who was a good friend of the family and in a group with Dino And Shazam's uncle PC. We started recording records with him at night till 4 am everyday and had to be at school at 8am. We met our manager Patrick who was good friends with Luke thru my cousin Kelci. So one day our manager was taking Luke to the airport and made him miss his flight to come hear us sing. After that the rest was history he signed us and we've been knockin' boots ever since.

Unfortunately, you guys lost a third member who was literally family, Keven "Dino" Conner, tragically passed away back in 2003 How did you two find the strength to carry on following this devastating event? Also, has the loss affect the dynamics of H-Town?

HTWN: We just keep it going in his memory, but when we hit the stage It feels like he's on stage with us.

It’s noticeable that the music industry has changed a lot since the early 90’s. What are some positive and negative things you have seen so far in the music scene?

HTWN: In my opinion social media, pandora, xm and internet radio, itunes, youtube just to name a few is a great add on to updating and getting music out to the fans faster. I just focus on making the good work for me and not worry about the negative.

You guys released a new single "Green Light". What’s the inspiration behind the song? How does Green Light differ and/or compared to previous H-Town releases?

HWTN: We've always had respect for the ladies. Green light is our way of asking our ladies for the green light to satisfy them with their permission.

Off the topic of everything, as an older black men in today’s society, what are your thoughts of all the police brutally that’s taken place towards many African American males/females across the world?

HWTN: It just shows that as far as we have come racist is still alive and getting stronger than before.

As legends in R&B you had to start somewhere. What would you tell an up and coming artist who is trying to get started in the music game?

HTWN: Just be original and not a carbon copy of somebody else sound. Be apart of the puzzle that doesn't fit.

What’s next for H- Town?

HWTN: More shows look for H Town in a city near you. For more updates follow us on instagram and twitter @HTOWN4LIFE & fb @HTOWN4EVER


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