Neo Soul & R&B Singer Tiffany J - Flying Solo

Driven. Hard working. Talented. Creative. Christian. TiffanyJ is an artist. Embodying the talents and roles of singer, songwriter, graphic designer, web developer, shoe line creator, business owner, entrepreneur, and most importantly, DREAMER, she carries out what she believes to be her life’s purpose by inspiring others to DREAM. She is passionate about helping others succeed and embrace their individuality by uplifting them through many forms of artistic expression.

The Artistic Xpressionist, as she sometimes calls herself, has a love for encouraging and uplifting people of all walks of life. She has a passion to make all feel loved and beautiful. Once attacked by depression, she fought her way out through art, whether it was singing, songwriting, graphic design, drawing, music producing, etc. It was her way to release her hidden feelings.

She birthed Real Records & Entertainment in 2008 alongside her sister, Siera Wider, and best friend, Corey Brown. They have produced several projects including music for award winning group Eternal Voices, an independent film “Addiction: What’s Yours?”, and television show “Spare The Rod”.

She discovered the talent of graphic design shortly thereafter and established her firm TJ’s Elements in 2009. TJ’s .

Elements has been known to deliver eye catching graphic designs and websites for HairWalk, Kirk Franklin’s The Walls Group, Pastor John P. Kee, Black Expo South, Dove Award Nominated John Lakin, MTV’s Deangelo Redman, and many others near and far.

In 2012, she presented herself to the world as TiffanyJ, an inspirational soul musical artist, with her single “Flying Solo” and most recently released her debut project “Bird’s Eye View”, an audio and video collection of original music penned by TiffanyJ and produced by Praylonn Prince. Under this brand, she has created the fashionable, bold, and colorful sneaker line “Tip Toe Shoes” and the self-esteem booster “Beauty, You Are Boot Camp” for girls ages 6-17.

TiffanyJ is not new to singing, ministry, or the music business. Raised and reared in First Nazareth Baptist Church for 25+ years, under the leadership of Dr. Blakely Scott, she first learned the importance of music ministry there as she watched her mother lead the choir in song Sunday after Sunday. To see the Spirit fall upon the people in attendance, to witness souls being saved, and to hear the gratitude and appreciation rendered to her mother after service from congregants showed her how effective and necessary it is to have music ministry. She always had the gift of singing, and in her teenage years she became a part of the award winning, urban inspirational group Eternal Voices. She has sacredly held her membership in the group for 12 years and counting.

Inspirational Soul Artist TiffanyJ has one of the most unique and incomparable musical styles and sound. Her powerful voice alone engages listeners both young and old. TiffanyJ is a singer and songwriter creating a soulful approach to melodic art that is guaranteed to uplift those who witness her gift.

TiffanyJ is a Christian at heart, a Christian at walk, and a Christian at talk; sharing the message that she is not perfect, but strives to live a life modeled after the only perfect one, Jesus Christ.

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