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BackPack Shawty Talks New Music, Ciroc South Plus More

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Born Rodriquez Champion, known by his stage name Backpack Shawty; Backpack Shawty is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Owner of Kut Deep Visualz which is a photography and videography company. Backpack Shawty has been in love with Hip-Hop Music since the age of fourteen.

Born and raised in Columbia South Carolina Backpack Shawty musical influences were Tupac, Jay-Z, Don Trip, Nas and Young Jeezy. Music became his triumph over pain by the age of sixteen Backpack had already been shot on the streets of South Carolina and witnessed drugs, poverty, and violence. His inspiration of expression was fueled by the abandonment of his father and the untimely death of his mother.

PEM caught up with BackPack Shawty check out interview below!

"As a young black man of many talents that been through so much in life, I know I have a purpose".

PEM: Hello Backpack, Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with Pressed Ent Mag. For our readers who may not be as familiar with you, let’s start from the basic, where did the name come from and where you reside?

BPS: I'm originally from Columbia, South Carolina and the name Backpack Shawty came from me wearing backpacks during my outings as an Artist, But, before I decided to be Backpack Shawty, I was "Da Skoolboi" and that's why I wore the backpack all the time.

PEM: Growing up, who all did and do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

BPS: Nas & some what Tupac

PEM: How would you describe your style? And what do you feel you can bring to the industry as an artist?

BPS: My style is unique and never heard before, I feel I can bring music that everyone can relate to in all genres. I will never box myself as an artist.

PEM: Tell us about your current single "This Ain't No Rap Money".

BPS: This Aint No Rap Money is a song I made basically saying that no matter what type of money you make, as long as it isn't rap money you can relate. Even though I'm going for the rap money, I am a entrepreneur and multi talented individual. I have several different ways of making revenue. People glorify rappers a lot, but you don't have to be a rapper or drug dealer to be fly, so this song is for everyone.

PEM: You worked with Rick Ross new artist Kris Kelli, How did the collaboration come about and what was it like working with her?

BPS: I posted a song that I only had verses to with no hook behind a promo video. Block from Block Entertainment commented on the post. I hit him up and asked would Kris Kelli be interested and he made It happen for me. The song is very dope and meaningful to me, so to hear her kill it the way she did was amazing.

PEM: Who are some major, new, artist or producers you would like to work with in the future?

BPS: I honestly would like to get a opportunity to work with everybody, but if I had to choose I'll rock out with J.Cole. He's super dope! I just want to surround myself around artist's and producer's who can help me grow.

PEM: What was the first project you put out that started gaining serious attention around Columbia?

BBS: No project! My single I have out now "This Ain't No Rap Money" got the streets on fire.

Roger Bonds, BackPack Shawty, Pri

PEM: A promoter out of Charlotte stated that Carolina artist don't support their own and many artist have the big head. What's your take on that?

BPS: Carolina artist do support one another we all are on the same path toward's the same goals. It isn't the artist that needs to do the supporting, it's the promoter's and the people. Artist support one another, but what we need is the support from the people and listeners. We are big enough to make it together, but separately we are too small.

PEM: Off the topic of music, as a young black man in today's society, what are your thoughts of all the police brutality that's taken place towards many African American males/females across the world?

BPS: A lot of people get upset at the fact we are promoting black lives matter. Don't get me wrong all lives does matter, but all lives aren't being brutally murdered by police officers. At this point everything that's going on is overwhelming and I'm still trying to figure out why. What is the reasons behind all of this... As a young black man of many talents that been through so much in life, I know I have a purpose. With that being said, I just continue to move forward at perfecting my craft and stay out of those folks way. That's the only advice I can really give myself and others.

PEM: Name two things you would like for your fans to know about Backpack that they don't know?

BPS: My fans know everything about me, I make sure in my music I tell them about the real me and what I'm going or been through. That's the only way they will feel apart of me and respect my life I put in song form.

PEM: What's next for Backpack?

BPS:Dropping the hottest mixtape "No Table Mannerz" soon. No exact release date for it yet, but all the records are done and ready just waiting on a few more things to take place and it will be released.


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