Kevan Glover Talks The State of Hip Hop

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Pressed caught up with Kevan Glover, founder of Konnected Magazine and Queens City Awards to talked about the state of hip hop in the Carolina's and why artist need to support each other. Check out what Mr. Glover had to say..

PEM: You've been a big Contributor and Promoter to the North & South Carolina music scene thru out the years, as far as providing a huge outlet for many unsigned artist.. What is your thoughts on the state of Carolina music scene right now? From a progressive and quality stand point.

KG: It’s been 10 long years in this business and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I feel like it’s more people grinding now than it was 10 years ago, but I don’t think the music is as good as it was. Everyone is trying to duplicate the auto tune and trap type style so its not a lot of originality.

PEM: Yes I totally agree, today's music isn't hitting on nothing everything sounds the same. Why you think NC & SC Hip-Hop Artists aren't Blowin' Up!

KG: That’s easy lack of unity and knowledge of the industry. It’s our fault we’re not on and everyone wants to run to Atlanta and find out they only putting their people on.

PEM: That's so true! What are some of the most drastic changes you’ve seen in the Carolina music scene?

KG: Haven't seen a lot of drastic changes, its seems like a lot more people are fronting like they have it instead of forming solid partnerships to build our scene.

PEM: Ouch! That's because in many artist minds they've already hit superstar status. (Laughs) What are some of the solutions you can suggest to overcome these changes?

KG: Unity, support and understanding everyone is not hot. We have to get behind the best talent and push them as a whole.

PEM: Now I agree with that... Honestly, that's some of the issues with the Promoters, DJ's and Radio Stations. They don't support the local artist, unless it's a homeboy's artist and they getting paid for it. That's one reason why so many artist take there chances to go to Atlanta. That being said, what do you think is the reason why DJ's, Promoter's and the local radio stations don't support local artist?

KG: Some artists are not hot and most DJs not real DJs looking to break talent or find that new hot song. They are playing what they hear on the radio. The Promoters for the most part just trying to make their money. People have to remember they not really industry cats they just renting a building trying to come up

PEM: That's my issue DJs playing what they hear on radio and scared to break new music. I understand there's a format you must go by on radio. But, once you hit the clubs I shouldn't hear the same music I hear on radio all week. Hey! that's another interview in itself. What would you recommend the best way for an artist to promote there music right now?

KG: Relationships, pay for marketing and hit the road with you music. Make sure you’re going to areas that support your type of music you do.

PEM: What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming artist making? / What advice would you give to aspiring artist?

KG: They don’t understand how expensive this business is when you want to get to the next level. Most feel that they do not need to pay for marketing and advertising because they promote their music on social media. I tell them Walmart is a billion dollar corporation and they advertise so they’re crazy if they feel advertising is not necessary.

PEM: Where do you see the Carolina music scene in five years from now?

KG: Sad to say, in the same place because the Politicians aren’t trying to let it become an urban music area.

PEM: You right! Keep it in the hood... Any last words for the unsigned artist reading this interview?

KG: Grind, learn the business so no one can take advantage of you and perfect your craft!


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